Finding the right storage solution for the bedroom can be tricky! Especially if build-in-solution is not really an option and you don’t want to empty your bank account. 

When we started working on our bedroom we that the panelling (though super beautiful) was a bit of a problem to our need of storage space. I didn’t like the idea of hiding the panneling with a big boxy closet and  and a wide bed. Luckily the room is quite big and has very high ceilings which allowed us to bring both the bed and our storage solution to the center of the room. This gives a very light feeling to the room and at the same time allowed use of the generous space without hiding any of the beautiful panels.

The storage solution is a customised Ikea ‘Platsa’ closet. We didn’t want it to dominate the room but at the same time we needed all the storage we could get. We went for a height of 120 cm and a length of 200 cm – two modules of 60 cm and one of 80 cm (all with a depth of 55 cm).

The ‘Platsa’-range is not exactly pretty from the backside (like most other furniture that it is meant to be placed against a wall). Since we needed our storage solution work as both roomdivider and headboard we added a thin mdf-board to the backside. We made sure to put in some wires between the new mdf backside and the actual closet which allowed us to add wall lights. We chose a very clean solution from the Philips lighting system Hue.

We are SO pleased with the result!

Note: If you do a solution like this it is SUPER important to fasten the elements to the floors in order to make sure they will not tip.

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