Here’s the short version of ‘how we found our home’. It was a loooong and tiring process and we ended up taking an unexpected path to find a place that fitted our needs and dreams.

Finding a home can be tricky. Apartment or house? How to balance location, style, condition and finally the economy of it all. We looked for several years before we found our sweet spot.
We were looking for something classic. We had been living in a new building and were missing the warmth and history of an old house. It was super important for me to find a place where the interiors could add something to the room design. Rooms that were not just blank canvases but told a story of their own. We also knew that we loved the Christianshavn neighbourhood in Copenhagen with it’s proximity to the harbour and the city center and still being a quiet area with lots of local history and charm.
To begin with everything looked easy. We knew what we wanted and though not something that was to be found on every street corner the real estate agents had quite a few suggestions for us… But it turned out to be everything but easy. When we found something that had the old charm and the great details the floor plan was completely off. When the floor plan was good the location was bad and the interiors even worse.
In the end we decided to take a different approach. Why limit ourselves to homes that where already on the market? We found out which houses in the neighbourhood we loved the most and since they where all located in listed buildings we could find quite detailed descriptions of the interiors online. We noticed one apartment in particular that seemed to have both the right size, the right location along with an illustrious history and lots of the original details. We then contacted the owner and to make a long story short we got it!
I can warmly recommend taking direct contact to the owners of a home you would love to live in. We’ve done it quite a few times over the years and it turns out 60-70% of the owners are willing to sell. Even though they are willing to sell there can still be some obstacles. Sometimes you end up finding a different interior from what you expected or you can’t agree on a price. But sometimes it all comes together and you get the home of your dreams.

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