Nothing is static in our home – I love to redecorate and move our stuff around. Therefore I like versatile furniture that can work in many ways and in different settings. The Panton Wire cubes are a great example of that!

We got our Panton Wire cubes as a wedding present a few years back and they have been a hit ever since. They are designed by Verner Panton and produced by Montana Furniture – who produce lots of versatile storage solutions in great colours.

I LOVE the fact that you can do just about anything with the Panton Wire modules! They’ve worked as night tables, shelves, side table and even as a plinth for displaying some of my beloved Delft faience. Just click them together in a new way and voila… A new piece of furniture has been made. They are subtle and very light in the design but also super modern and add a bit of graphic strictness to an interior. Which is great when you live in an old building.

I’m considering to buy more of them to make a console table in our living room. After a Christmas with lots of wonderful book-presents we’ve run out of space for our books. I’m thinking white or chrome. Anyways these versatile little cubes are a recommendation if you (like me) like versatile furniture.

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See some examples of how we’ve been using them in our home below.

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